Here’s another deeply personal story that I want to share with my readers. I got a lot of good feedback from my first blog post on my struggle with obesity and weight loss, so today I’m going to share another personal topic: mental health.

This is another issue I feel I should speak up on. While mental health awareness has definitely increased in recent years, there is still considerable stigma surrounding admitting to having mental health struggles. This is bullshit; I mean would you be ashamed of coming down with a cold?

Anyway, here’s my story about my struggle with depression and how I used hypnotherapy to help with my issues. It’s a method that almost everybody has heard about yet very few people use. I’m not saying that anti-depressants or other drugs are bad, but all things being equal; wouldn’t you rather get better without relying on those?


Why I Turned To Hypnotherapy

For as long as I could remember, I had struggled with depression. It may have been for a few years but time seemed to stand still during this period of my life.

I had tried normal counselling but I found no healing, I only realised that talking it out repeatedly only made me feel worse. I needed to get my mental health back on track and one day online I discovered hypnotherapy.


How Hypnotherapy Works.

With hypnosis, I discovered that, the main aim was to narrow my concentration down to the exact issue at hand. I had to get to this trance state where my non-analytical side of the brain was more alert than the analytical side. When I got to this state, I was calm and all I could do was focus entirely on what the hypnotherapist was saying.

It was more about releasing my conscious control and allowing someone else help me form new behavioural patterns that would be imprinted on me.

Unlike other forms of therapy where healing words did not have much impact, with hypnotherapy, I found a deeper meaning with each word that the hypnotherapist spoke; I felt it break and build me to a new person.


Advantages of Hypnotherapy

The conscious part of the human is only 10%. The other 90% of the being is the subconscious. With hypnotherapy, it is possible to address the mind in its entirety. I found that I could now understand issues on a different deeper level.

I had deep underlying issues that I had suppressed for so long with anti-depressants. In my hypnotic state, I was able to identify the root cause of my anger, resentments and sadness. Instead of simply continue masking the symptoms which included depression, I was able to finally deal with the root causes.

Hypnotherapy did not leave me filling empty. In place of my negative feelings that were drowning me, I replaced them with positivity. The beauty of the whole experience is that, the changes are permanent. Months later, I still feel the surge of positivity that I felt in the hypnotherapist office.


My Initial Struggle with Hypnotherapy

I remember going online and searching for a hypnotherapist near me. What should I look for? How can I tell a good one from a bad one? Eventually, after much research, I found an excellent hypnotherapist in Reading and hastily made an appointment.

On my first appointment, I had the common mentality that everyone who walks into a therapy session has. It is the “yes but….” mentality. I was out to prove that indeed I had tried to get help for my mental health without success.

I believed that there was nothing really different with hypnotherapy as it was still a form of therapy. However, by the end of my session, I had been proved wrong but not completely.

I developed another fear of just letting go and getting to the trance state. I have always been scared of the unknown and this was one. I did not know what was behind that door. However, after I got to experience the peace and self-realization that comes with being hypnotized, I was totally sold and could not wait for my next hypnotherapist appointment.

mental health issues

How I Found Healing with Hypnotherapy

Looking back, I realize that I had been playing the avoidance game regarding my issues. I always preferred to simply say that I was feeling sad, depressed, empty or angry. My symptoms were my only salvation to healing before I discovered hypnotherapy.

However, I learnt how to really go deep inside myself and find reason to the negative feelings that had worn me down. I discovered how different events in my life ad broken me. They had damaged me and turned me into this unhappy person.

Some issues I had ignored and some I had just numbed out but they had already had an impact on me. By unearthing them and finally dealing with them, I found complete healing. My depression symptoms of deep unhappiness finally disappeared. I was no longer the sad, angry and damaged person I thought I was. I had found healing through hypnotherapy.


Tips for People Seeking Mental Health Healing Through Hypnotherapy

With hypnotherapy, it takes a huge leap of faith. Depression in its own self comes about with a lot of trust issues. It is difficult to simply let go, get into the trance state where you trust that your hypnotherapist will take care of all the feelings you have.

It is however not only an experience that is worth it but is valuable as well. Many answers lie within us, we simply need to embrace that deep vulnerable part within us to find complete healing for depression through hypnotherapy.