Here’s another personal story that I hope my readers can identify with…. my struggle against crooked teeth and the social awkwardness and embarrassment it caused me for many years.

Smiling, laughing and talking are part and parcel of life. In fact, anyone who does not do these things would be considered as weird, unless you have a disability. However, there are some limiting factors that can prevent you from having fun with friends.

I’m talking about crooked teeth. When this is happening to you, going out ceases to be your thing. You become an indoor person, avoid socializing and also have very few friends who might only be your folks and siblings.

You may wonder how come I know these things. It is because am speaking from experience. When I was little this didn’t bother me. I was a kid and so I did not give it much thought. I could go out and play with friends. At times they would make fun of my crooked teeth but I could just laugh along with them as if that was not been addressed to me.

This started eating me up when I started advancing in age. Before I tell you what transpired in the long run, I would love to state some of the reasons why I developed such crooked teeth.

Causes of Crowded Teeth

In a case where children are involved, the symptoms and signs of such teeth and jaws that develop incorrectly are observed at around 5 years. That is quite early for them don’t you think? Some of the causes are the myo-functional habits. Such habits include the following:

Mouth breathing, which kids love to do more often just for fun. What they do not know is that it poses great danger to their teeth. Another one is tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. I used to do these things when I was little and am pretty sure they are the cause of what am going through today.

Going on from where we stopped, I studied at the lower grades and was just amazing. I was that girl who every teacher wanted to interact with. In short I was the favorite of everyone. At that time no one was concerned with my teeth.

As they say, it gets hotter as you go higher. Years passed and things got tough at my O Levels. Classmates started jeering at me. They used to discourage me from going for any function held outside school as I would just bring shame upon myself. This did put me down. I got depressed, stressed out and occasionally I would find myself lying on a wet pillow come morning. Fortunately, that level was gone. It was successful as I did extremely well. Flying colours would be an understatement.


The Sensitive Bit

I have heard fairy tales of how hell is or rather would be. My experience in Campus would be same as hell. Life was a living hell for me. I was now a bit sensitive about my teeth. The people I met there, the lifestyle, name them. I could not cope with all these. Everyone lady was hanging out somewhere with some guy, having fun, chitchatting and laughing. I was not growing any younger and I really needed male friends around me you know.

Days passed, months passed, but not even once did a guy approach me. Most used to just say hello as they were passing. Why are they even saying hello anyway? I exclaimed. May be it was for courtesy purposes. I felt so devastated. That was the lowest I ever felt, and speaking as someone who has struggled with depression, that’s pretty damned low!

The One True Friend

The only person who did stick around to ensure I accepted myself was a lady we met on day in campus. She was such a queen. She made great things and ideas from my situation. Like using it to make some articles and it would help so many out there. I am grateful she remained loyal.

As time went by, she told me to seek solution to my problem. I was like what is the solution? For crying out loud, there are no spare teeth. Not unless it was removing all my teeth and have temporary ones. I could not imagine myself doing that.


The Orthodontist Idea

An idea came up and this was visit to the orthodontics sector. How could I not have thought about it before? I did my research and finally settled on BM & J Orthodontics, a premier orthodontist in Birmingham.

She took me there right that very moment. When I got there the doctor was friendly and gave me such a warm welcome. He came up with the braces idea.

He claimed that the braces would help me in putting my teeth on line and make a change. I was more than willing to try it. If it would turn my life around, so be it. They were not the best to have but at least the least good option.

That is how I got to embrace the getting adult braces. The experiences I had back then were a terrible nightmare and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I took my braces off one year ago today and I can say I have never been happier with my smile.