Hi Everyone!

It’s me Adeline, just a regular girl living in Birmingham, UK! Welcome to my (not so) private blog! I don’t really publicize this blog much so if you got here, then you’re probably a close friend or family member so welcome!

I started this blog because I find it quite cathartic to record down my deepest thoughts; my therapist says it’s really helpful for working through my mental health issues.

DISCLAIMER: I must warn you though that the topics on this blog will be both very RANDOM and VERY PERSONAL. If you know me in real life then you know it’s not fake; that’s just how I am! And if this blog is not to your liking, and I’m sure for many people it won’t, then feel free to click that ‘X’ button at the top of your browser!

Otherwise, I hope you have fun reading my blog. Cheers!