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Month: September 2017

Why I Decided to Take the Plunge and Get Adult Braces

Here’s another personal story that I hope my readers can identify with…. my struggle against crooked teeth and the social awkwardness and embarrassment it caused me for many years.

Smiling, laughing and talking are part and parcel of life. In fact, anyone who does not do these things would be considered as weird, unless you have a disability. However, there are some limiting factors that can prevent you from having fun with friends.

I’m talking about crooked teeth. When this is happening to you, going out ceases to be your thing. You become an indoor person, avoid socializing and also have very few friends who might only be your folks and siblings.

You may wonder how come I know these things. It is because am speaking from experience. When I was little this didn’t bother me. I was a kid and so I did not give it much thought. I could go out and play with friends. At times they would make fun of my crooked teeth but I could just laugh along with them as if that was not been addressed to me.

This started eating me up when I started advancing in age. Before I tell you what transpired in the long run, I would love to state some of the reasons why I developed such crooked teeth.

Causes of Crowded Teeth

In a case where children are involved, the symptoms and signs of such teeth and jaws that develop incorrectly are observed at around 5 years. That is quite early for them don’t you think? Some of the causes are the myo-functional habits. Such habits include the following:

Mouth breathing, which kids love to do more often just for fun. What they do not know is that it poses great danger to their teeth. Another one is tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. I used to do these things when I was little and am pretty sure they are the cause of what am going through today.

Going on from where we stopped, I studied at the lower grades and was just amazing. I was that girl who every teacher wanted to interact with. In short I was the favorite of everyone. At that time no one was concerned with my teeth.

As they say, it gets hotter as you go higher. Years passed and things got tough at my O Levels. Classmates started jeering at me. They used to discourage me from going for any function held outside school as I would just bring shame upon myself. This did put me down. I got depressed, stressed out and occasionally I would find myself lying on a wet pillow come morning. Fortunately, that level was gone. It was successful as I did extremely well. Flying colours would be an understatement.


The Sensitive Bit

I have heard fairy tales of how hell is or rather would be. My experience in Campus would be same as hell. Life was a living hell for me. I was now a bit sensitive about my teeth. The people I met there, the lifestyle, name them. I could not cope with all these. Everyone lady was hanging out somewhere with some guy, having fun, chitchatting and laughing. I was not growing any younger and I really needed male friends around me you know.

Days passed, months passed, but not even once did a guy approach me. Most used to just say hello as they were passing. Why are they even saying hello anyway? I exclaimed. May be it was for courtesy purposes. I felt so devastated. That was the lowest I ever felt, and speaking as someone who has struggled with depression, that’s pretty damned low!

The One True Friend

The only person who did stick around to ensure I accepted myself was a lady we met on day in campus. She was such a queen. She made great things and ideas from my situation. Like using it to make some articles and it would help so many out there. I am grateful she remained loyal.

As time went by, she told me to seek solution to my problem. I was like what is the solution? For crying out loud, there are no spare teeth. Not unless it was removing all my teeth and have temporary ones. I could not imagine myself doing that.


The Orthodontist Idea

An idea came up and this was visit to the orthodontics sector. How could I not have thought about it before? I did my research and finally settled on BM & J Orthodontics, a premier orthodontist in Birmingham.

She took me there right that very moment. When I got there the doctor was friendly and gave me such a warm welcome. He came up with the braces idea.

He claimed that the braces would help me in putting my teeth on line and make a change. I was more than willing to try it. If it would turn my life around, so be it. They were not the best to have but at least the least good option.

That is how I got to embrace the getting adult braces. The experiences I had back then were a terrible nightmare and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I took my braces off one year ago today and I can say I have never been happier with my smile.

How Hypnotherapy Helped My Mental Health

Here’s another deeply personal story that I want to share with my readers. I got a lot of good feedback from my first blog post on my struggle with obesity and weight loss, so today I’m going to share another personal topic: mental health.

This is another issue I feel I should speak up on. While mental health awareness has definitely increased in recent years, there is still considerable stigma surrounding admitting to having mental health struggles. This is bullshit; I mean would you be ashamed of coming down with a cold?

Anyway, here’s my story about my struggle with depression and how I used hypnotherapy to help with my issues. It’s a method that almost everybody has heard about yet very few people use. I’m not saying that anti-depressants or other drugs are bad, but all things being equal; wouldn’t you rather get better without relying on those?


Why I Turned To Hypnotherapy

For as long as I could remember, I had struggled with depression. It may have been for a few years but time seemed to stand still during this period of my life.

I had tried normal counselling but I found no healing, I only realised that talking it out repeatedly only made me feel worse. I needed to get my mental health back on track and one day online I discovered hypnotherapy.


How Hypnotherapy Works.

With hypnosis, I discovered that, the main aim was to narrow my concentration down to the exact issue at hand. I had to get to this trance state where my non-analytical side of the brain was more alert than the analytical side. When I got to this state, I was calm and all I could do was focus entirely on what the hypnotherapist was saying.

It was more about releasing my conscious control and allowing someone else help me form new behavioural patterns that would be imprinted on me.

Unlike other forms of therapy where healing words did not have much impact, with hypnotherapy, I found a deeper meaning with each word that the hypnotherapist spoke; I felt it break and build me to a new person.


Advantages of Hypnotherapy

The conscious part of the human is only 10%. The other 90% of the being is the subconscious. With hypnotherapy, it is possible to address the mind in its entirety. I found that I could now understand issues on a different deeper level.

I had deep underlying issues that I had suppressed for so long with anti-depressants. In my hypnotic state, I was able to identify the root cause of my anger, resentments and sadness. Instead of simply continue masking the symptoms which included depression, I was able to finally deal with the root causes.

Hypnotherapy did not leave me filling empty. In place of my negative feelings that were drowning me, I replaced them with positivity. The beauty of the whole experience is that, the changes are permanent. Months later, I still feel the surge of positivity that I felt in the hypnotherapist office.


My Initial Struggle with Hypnotherapy

I remember going online and searching for a hypnotherapist near me. What should I look for? How can I tell a good one from a bad one? Eventually, after much research, I found an excellent hypnotherapist in Reading and hastily made an appointment.

On my first appointment, I had the common mentality that everyone who walks into a therapy session has. It is the “yes but….” mentality. I was out to prove that indeed I had tried to get help for my mental health without success.

I believed that there was nothing really different with hypnotherapy as it was still a form of therapy. However, by the end of my session, I had been proved wrong but not completely.

I developed another fear of just letting go and getting to the trance state. I have always been scared of the unknown and this was one. I did not know what was behind that door. However, after I got to experience the peace and self-realization that comes with being hypnotized, I was totally sold and could not wait for my next hypnotherapist appointment.

mental health issues

How I Found Healing with Hypnotherapy

Looking back, I realize that I had been playing the avoidance game regarding my issues. I always preferred to simply say that I was feeling sad, depressed, empty or angry. My symptoms were my only salvation to healing before I discovered hypnotherapy.

However, I learnt how to really go deep inside myself and find reason to the negative feelings that had worn me down. I discovered how different events in my life ad broken me. They had damaged me and turned me into this unhappy person.

Some issues I had ignored and some I had just numbed out but they had already had an impact on me. By unearthing them and finally dealing with them, I found complete healing. My depression symptoms of deep unhappiness finally disappeared. I was no longer the sad, angry and damaged person I thought I was. I had found healing through hypnotherapy.


Tips for People Seeking Mental Health Healing Through Hypnotherapy

With hypnotherapy, it takes a huge leap of faith. Depression in its own self comes about with a lot of trust issues. It is difficult to simply let go, get into the trance state where you trust that your hypnotherapist will take care of all the feelings you have.

It is however not only an experience that is worth it but is valuable as well. Many answers lie within us, we simply need to embrace that deep vulnerable part within us to find complete healing for depression through hypnotherapy.

My Journey Away From Obesity

This is a very personal post for me. I think weight loss and body image is a huge societal issue today so I just want to say that today’s post is NOT intended to body shame anyone. If you are struggling with obesity the first step is to love yourself. Only then can you change.

I will also NOT be posting any ‘before’ pictures on this post. I apologize to my readers, but seeing those photos still triggers my old feelings of self-hatred.

My Story

Growing up, I was a staunch foodie and nothing could stop me from sneaking out of my bed and making my way to the fridge at midnight, just to go through a whole bag of chocolates and ice cream. Not even the scolding I got in the morning, after all it was worth it. Getting fat isn’t exactly an ideal situation. Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as if I was super conscious of my body. But then again, I was a kid and had no idea how the world operated.

I still remember the day when I went home crying, after some mean boys insulted me because I was obese. However, I turned to food in my moment of weakness and even though I knew it was wrong, I just couldn’t help myself. After that, eating food became a luxury to me. I wouldn’t look forward it anymore and I hated that feeling. Every time I sat down to ate, I was reminded of the ordeal that took place a few days ago and I would feel guilty of how much food I was consuming at such a fast pace.

It was a fine Sunday morning when I got exhausted from the thoughts that kept nagging me and decided that enough is enough. I was tired of people looking at me weirdly, tired of boys not noticing me, and why would they? In a world of fashion and skinny models, I knew I didn’t stand a chance, but it still hurt.


The Beginning of an End to My Obesity

How I Did It

It wasn’t as easy-peasy as I thought. Well I knew that losing weight wouldn’t be a piece of cake (pun very much intended), but what I didn’t know, was that it would feel like dying (I might be getting dramatic at this point). But I had a goal in mind and I was determined to achieve it at any cost! The first thing which I did was go out and buy myself a beautiful size 4 dress which sparkled every time it caught the light. That dress became my motivation and made me who I am today.

After surfing through the entire web, I had made up an exercise regime and a diet that would not only help me keep my weight in check but also help me lose it without starving myself or throwing up.

exercise ugh

Who I wished I was


My Nightmare: Diet and Exercise

Since I hated doing any and all physical work, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that exercising was the most challenging task I ever had to face. Not even high school was this bad! Every morning, I would press my face against the pillows dreading the exercise that was to come. Now I could ignore it, but the sparkling dress that hung beside my dresser called my name and I would think about how good my thinner version would look in it.

I started out slow, from 10 pushups and running for 8 minutes non-stop, I gradually increased it to 20 pushups and 20 minutes on the treadmill and so on. My body would protest severely, but my heart and mind were another case. My gym sessions lasted about 1-2 hours a day and slowly I could myself getting ighter.

Dieting was a whole other ball park. I never thought restraining myself from junk food could be so heartbreaking and hard. My diet mostly consisted of a mixture of fruits, salads, olive oil, brown rice and bread and steamed white meat. The nutrition that I was lacking, I fulfilled it by taking protein supplements, multivitamins and fish oil.

I didn’t check my weight for the first 2 weeks, and to say that I was elated beyond myself when after 15 days, I stood on my weight machine and it showed me I was 2 kg less. I still remember that feeling, the rush and excitement that ran through my veins at the prospect that I had accomplished something I never thought was possible: weight loss!


The End of My Journey!

Fast forward a few months and I was standing in front of my mirror, gliding my hand through the dress and admiring it on my body. A sense of accomplishment filled me to my very core and I thought I would burst from happiness. Gone was the girl who wore baggy oversized cloths, a girl with low self-esteem and confidence. It was replaced by a happy girl who could go out and have fun, buy normal sized cloths and enjoy herself on dates.